Mandatory SOPA Post :)

Pretty self explanatory I think! I’m not a US citizen but the implications of said legislation are kinda terrifying and far reaching. If you are a US citizen (welcome to my blog) and you’re displeased/outraged/flabbergasted by the proposals go make noise at your representative! Wikipedia has some excellent info on how to do that ( Stop Government censorship. Stop madness. Stop SOPA (and PIPA too!) … Continue reading Mandatory SOPA Post 🙂

Oh noes!

Late night musings lead to a terrifying conclusion! Sorry that the picture is slanted…I’m using this newfangled WordPress app for Android for the first time and can’t quite figure out how to rotate pictures yet. Glad to upload a drawing for a change though! Haven’t done much designing for my t-shirt ideas yet…think I’m going to push that back til when I figure the planning … Continue reading Oh noes!

Hi ho, hi ho

…it’s off to work we go. Since my last post I’ve been (not so) dilligently working on these designs that I mentioned for the last few posts. Glad to say I’ve been making some form of progress though between a dodgy internet connection and Cafepress’ newfound hatred for the images on my computer uploading has been so painfully slow.  And there’s still so much for … Continue reading Hi ho, hi ho