Doing some sketches for a shoe I’ll be painting soon. Mega excited! One of the things I really look forward to when creating new pieces is the idea of “blessing” them. Imparting some kind of positive energy on the material through the symbols used or ideas expressed…and I do love me some symbology. Some of my favourite symbols to use are the adinkra symbols from … Continue reading Adinkra!

Awesome Tees!

Today started off as a regular day. Gym, food, e-mail correspondence, reading random stuff on the internet when by chance I clicked on a link ( which led me to some pretty beautiful tees. I was so inspired that I started sketching an idea that I was having for a few days. So without further ado, here are some awesome tees: (Source: (Source: (Source: (Source: … Continue reading Awesome Tees!


And another doodle for everyone to marvel at. I’ve been giving some thought as to what project I should embark on next. It’s quite daunting to think of myself starting a project that isn’t being done for grades. The liberating thing about that though is that I am absolutely free to pursue my vision and I can take as long as I want. At the … Continue reading Thinking