Of course life …

Of course life sucks; the third-stage question is, can you feel your true nature, the inherent perfection of consciousness, and thus transcend the suffering inherent in a place where everyone dies? Of course you can work to create a comfortable utopia on earth; the third-stage question is, can you also feel the tremendous suffering on earth with an open heart? Can you creatively improve life … Continue reading Of course life …


We are human beings. That sounds like an awfully simple statement to start a blog with, but if you sit down to really contemplate what that means, it has the potential to be a very provocative and even profound statement. When was the last time you were just you? You weren’t on your way to somewhere, or trying to get something done…you were just fully … Continue reading Beings

Moving forward

Last weekend I ended the Business Boost 2013 seminar in an attempt to get some ideas on how best to proceed with my freelancing/business endeavours. It was a great little overview on all aspects of business: the organisation, marketing and financial management. When I make the time, I’ll post up a little overview of my experience. Long story short, I’ll be trying to streamline and … Continue reading Moving forward

Without The Rope

Can’t wait til I can upload some artwork on here! I definitely do need to make time to update this blog though…the inconsistency is a little unbearable. But pleasantries and self-deprecation aside, I had something on my mind that I thought might be fitting to share with the internet. The Dark Knight Rises. If you haven’t seen the movie, and get precious about spoilers, watch … Continue reading Without The Rope