I love art. I love splashes of colour and texture, contrast, starkness, minimalism…just to name a few. But, I also love lines. That’s right: I love me some simple line drawings. So much so that they’ve inspired what will probably (read: almost inevitably) come next from Artemis, the brand. One of my favourite shirts is actually an XL Topshop men’s shirt with a drawing of feathers on the front (I’d take a picture, but it’s in the wash as I type). I just love the simplicity of it, much like this tee I spotted on the internet:


I have to say, something about this struck me and I fell in love. When I first saw it, I’d already started work on the hand-painted line but something about it inspired me and I knew I would come back to it some day. I promptly forgot about it, and did for some time, but recently the inspiration to do line drawing based work has come back.

Part of the reason I’m so enamoured with the idea of line drawing designs is the same reason I enjoy doing painted work: you get a sense of the artist’s presence. For a second, the gap between artist and viewer is bridged. It’s weird. While graphic art and graphic design are art in their own rights, there is just something nice about a line drawing. Something…primal, I guess would be the word I’m looking for.


Like this throw pillow. Simple, again, but it has this very unique charm about it. The placement adds to that, definitely. I see pieces like this, and not only do I admire the line-work, but I begin to think about other elements, like composition. For this, the off-centre placement becomes less of a design in my mind and more of a funky detail or addition to an otherwise plain shirt. I also feel as if there is a joke to be made about tortoises, but none come to mind right now.



And these two? Work like this just inspires me to trample the box a little. It is a drawing after all…why not have yourself a little fun? Combining different elements to create something exciting and entirely new is part of the fun of art. Why not indulge in a little madness? That pop of the unexpected is what can help set the work apart, and really bring in the interpretative element from the audience. Which is exactly what I aim to do.

Now, if you don’t mind, I’ll be on my way to scour the internet for more inspiration!

Peace and Love, family



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