Don’t Stop Believing…

A house divided against itself will only ever fall. I write this to say that if we are constantly fighting ourselves, we leave no time or energy to accomplish our goals to our fullest capacity. Trust me, I know this. So what divides us against ourselves? Doubt. Good, old, run-of-the-mill self-doubt. Time and time again, I have done battle with self-doubt and – once again … Continue reading Don’t Stop Believing…


Just thought I’d give everyone some insight into my work process. As convenient as getting my shirts printed was, I would’ve had to sacrifice a fundamental part of the design to keep my costs down. And as an artist…convenience over craft doesn’t sit well with me. So I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands, literally. So to get a consistent design, I decided … Continue reading Stencils!

Moving forward

Last weekend I ended the Business Boost 2013 seminar in an attempt to get some ideas on how best to proceed with my freelancing/business endeavours. It was a great little overview on all aspects of business: the organisation, marketing and financial management. When I make the time, I’ll post up a little overview of my experience. Long story short, I’ll be trying to streamline and … Continue reading Moving forward

Without The Rope

Can’t wait til I can upload some artwork on here! I definitely do need to make time to update this blog though…the inconsistency is a little unbearable. But pleasantries and self-deprecation aside, I had something on my mind that I thought might be fitting to share with the internet. The Dark Knight Rises. If you haven’t seen the movie, and get precious about spoilers, watch … Continue reading Without The Rope

Illustrator Adventures

Been way too long since I last blogged. Work commitments increasing, freelance workload full to the max and I still want to do some “rebranding” for my page. Well, I say rebranding, but I just want to streamline it. Eventually I hope to have the page and artwork divided by my entrepreneurial efforts (customising clothing, Society6 and whatever else I come up with) and freelance … Continue reading Illustrator Adventures