Awesome Tees!

Today started off as a regular day. Gym, food, e-mail correspondence, reading random stuff on the internet when by chance I clicked on a link ( which led me to some pretty beautiful tees. I was so inspired that I started sketching an idea that I was having for a few days. So without further ado, here are some awesome tees: (Source: (Source: (Source: (Source: … Continue reading Awesome Tees!

Design & Me: A look at the CooYah brand

I know I’ve been kinda quiet lately. Disorganisation and a fair amount of things to do keeps a chick busy. My mind was attempting to fire on all cylinders in multiple directions and I’m not entirely sure that it was working. Anyway, time to jump right back into talking about design. For a few days now I’ve been wondering if I’ve been over-thinking the design … Continue reading Design & Me: A look at the CooYah brand