Hi ho, hi ho

…it’s off to work we go.

Since my last post I’ve been (not so) dilligently working on these designs that I mentioned for the last few posts. Glad to say I’ve been making some form of progress though between a dodgy internet connection and Cafepress’ newfound hatred for the images on my computer uploading has been so painfully slow.  And there’s still so much for me to do!
I’ve got one section done…now I have two more to work on. I’ll probably upload some sketches soon so that this blog isn’t just all text all the time. Not that I’ve had much time to myself to just indulge in drawing for drawing’s sake which is a little saddening. Think I’ll squeeze in some lines before I go to bed…sort of like a nightcap but cooler.
Nothing much to report: I’m still alive and I’m working. I ordered a new computer so soon I’ll be all fussy and delighted. Next time I update, I swear it will be with pictures!  Or at least something interesting :\

Have a good one guys.


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