Been a while since I’ve done business cards for myself. I’ve been so focussed on the brand and now this comic (shameless plug: that I haven’t given much thought to my self-promo. Crazy, I know. Anyway, knocked together something fun and simple last night. Now to pick which layout I prefer 😛 Advertisements Continue reading

Happy Feet

On one of my many travels through the vastness of the internet, I came across these beauties. At first I thought they were a Hermes X Vans collab (which, judging by these kicks would be an INSANELY awesome idea). Turns out a gentleman by the name of Robert Verdi had them custom made from his personal Hermes silk scarf selection (Source: I think these … Continue reading Happy Feet


We are human beings. That sounds like an awfully simple statement to start a blog with, but if you sit down to really contemplate what that means, it has the potential to be a very provocative and even profound statement. When was the last time you were just you? You weren’t on your way to somewhere, or trying to get something done…you were just fully … Continue reading Beings