My name is Jessica Reynolds. But you can call me Artemis, and this is my arts page.

I’m a freelance graphine (graphic/fine) artist and self-taught illustrator with a passion for creating works of art through the media of illustration, fine art and fashion.

Photoshop, paints (acrylic AND watercolour!), as well as the humble HB pencil are my main tools of creation, though I prefer the latter. There is something so beautiful about creating with your hands.

My main inspiration sources are spiritual and cultural in nature, and I have a great love of textures and colour, so where possible, I try to incorporate these into my work. The human body also fascinates me; it is possibly one of the greatest works of art on the planet.


I’m not entirely sure what else to say. I do a little bit of everything, because I can and I want to utilise all my talents during my lifetime. My life is defined by my two great passions: creating art & uplifting people. Where I can, I try to combine the two to create an experience that transcends our minds and reconnects us to our essence/true Self/whatever you want to call it. Or that’s the objective anyway.


Want to get in touch? Email me at artemisdoodlegod@gmail.com

Care to find out what I’m up to? Follow me on Twitter at @ArtistArtemis


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