Don’t Stop Believing…

A house divided against itself will only ever fall.

I write this to say that if we are constantly fighting ourselves, we leave no time or energy to accomplish our goals to our fullest capacity. Trust me, I know this. So what divides us against ourselves? Doubt. Good, old, run-of-the-mill self-doubt.

Time and time again, I have done battle with self-doubt and – once again – it has shown itself a tireless adversary. It will not stop until I give up. But I won’t. I can’t. Something inside me constantly pushes me because I know I can do it. I have taken a look at myself and my accomplishments and I know that I am capable.

I. Am. Capable.

That knowledge is what keeps me going. I have all the qualities I need already. The only thing left to do is be real with myself and get it done. Likewise, despite what your self-doubt tells you, you also have the qualities you need to achieve your goals. We all just need to take a look within ourselves, and believe.

We need to believe, to achieve.

Sounds SUPER cheesy, but I’m finding this to be exceedingly true. Belief and confidence are what allow us to keep it together when self doubt would challenge us and try to take us apart. Belief and confidence are also what help us to push through limits and seek out improvement. When we believe we can handle anything, we set out to do anything.

My challenge for myself (and for you too! Don’t think you got away easily ;P) is to begin appreciating my Self, more. To build up that confidence and belief in my own capacity. Let’s see how far we will all get then.

Peace & Love, family



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