Happy Feet

On one of my many travels through the vastness of the internet, I came across these beauties. At first I thought they were a Hermes X Vans collab (which, judging by these kicks would be an INSANELY awesome idea).

Turns out a gentleman by the name of Robert Verdi had them custom made from his personal Hermes silk scarf selection (Source: http://theoverthrow.com/site/blog/2011/06/07/vans-x-hermes-where-to-cop-hint-you-cant/)

I think these are EASILY the most beautiful pairs of shoes that I have ever seen in my life. The way they approach composition on these shoes has really made me think about the possibilities and fun I can have with the next pair of shoes I work on.

…I have NEVER had shoe envy like this before.

ydifn wh9co tumblr_llv0xbwun51qia6on tumblr_llv0w50gji1qia6on robertverdi1 qytjh ql3rx pyfa1 p5kx4 li4qm iieb6 hunnt entry eivb2 7j0v5 6qvu3 4cfdw 2hcvx


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