“Love is simply…

“Love is simply what is when your heart is open.

You could love your husband, your dog, your mother, your car, a book, your child, a painting or the seashore – or all of them at once. Love is simply the opening of your heart. When your heart is open, you love whomever, or whatever, is in your life. Love is the union of you and the one you are with.

Love is what is when your heart is open, To do love is to open your heart. If you are waiting to feel love, as if love will come to you, you may be waiting for a long time. Love happens whenever your heart opens, whether 10 years from now or right now, in this very moment.

Love has nothing to do, necessarily, with sex. You can want to have sex with someone you don’t even know, or someone you are not loving. You exist as love when your heart is unguarded and opened, and you close yourself off to love when you guard your heart.” David Deida, Intimate Communion: Awakening Your Sexual Essence (p 11-12)

I love to read, and in recent months, I’ve been finding my way to some extremely interesting titles with some excellent quotes. One author I’ve been looking forward to reading is David Deida, and lucky for me, someone I know had one of his books so that I could borrow it. Sweet!

While reading it, I came across a section about what it means to love. Or what love is. Since I’m some kind of modern day hippy, I took great interest in it, and I thought it was worth a share.


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