School Fair

Last Saturday, I changed venue for the day and set up shop at the Combermere school Fair & Expo. Despite the fact that Combermere and Harrison College (my old school) seem to be the closest thing to mortal enemies, I actually had a cool time.


Having conversations with people about my work is becoming less scary as time goes on. But I’m also finding that I’m getting lots of positive feedback as well. People respond very well to the message, which is a massive encouragement to me! As long as people continue to show interest the way they have been, I know that I’m on the right track.


One thing that it got me thinking about though, was places that I would like to sell. The week before I had been talking to a gentleman at Brighton Famers’ Market (my usual Saturday haunt), and he suggested that I try another market on Sunday in Holders as my wear is more of a premium product (his words, not mine…but his words are appreciated nonetheless!) Holders sounds like something I should try at least once; the first time you sell is free and the atmosphere is different to the other markets I’ve been to (or so I’ve been told). As the gentleman was informing me, my wear is more likely to sell there, which is encouraging. Since it’s a hand-crafted product, it is a bit  on the “premium product” side of things, which means that I won’t be able to sell here, there and everywhere.

The trick is to figure out exactly where it is that I can sell my work. As much as I want to increase awareness of my brand, I also have to consider that everywhere is not appropriate for me. The real task here is to find places that are appropriate for my craft. Oh, and marketing. Marketing is most definitely another real task!

I think I’ll head off and have some ponderings.

Peace and Love, family



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