Artemis, the brand pt 2

Last post I did about Artemis, I got into a bit of the history behind the name. I’ve also shared a little bit about myself, which I kinda see as the history behind the intent. Truth be told, my aims for this brand are simple: elevate the hearts and minds of those who wear them. It’s about the religion of Love, and the nurturing, sharing and multiplying of the (Self) Love revolution.

Where do the ideas come from? Random inspiration found in words and phrases. Quotes, bible verses, snippets of conversation, random thoughts that waltz through my head…anything is a potential source of inspiration for me, once it’s part of an Love based philosophy or mindset that I can get with. Looking to refine my design approach when it comes to that, however.

How did I come up with each design? Start with thought concept first, then try to visualise it…what is the simplest way to communicate this idea? Obviously, as it’s art there is still the element of personal interpretation that comes into play, so where I can, I try to guide the viewer in the general ballpark of my intentions, whether that works or not is a different story altogether.

What’s with the colours? That’s a natural part of who I am as a person/artist (sorta). colour is all around me (I live in the Caribbean…come on now). Not only that, the concepts brighten your life (*giggle*), how can they NOT be colourful?

Where do you see yourself going? Everywhere. Love has no geographical boundaries. It is inside every one of us, and therefore, it is for every one of us.

I feel like there is something else that I’m not saying. If and when I ever find out what that is, there will be a part 3 😉


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