Artemis, the brand pt 1

I have two blogs. And for a good while, I was trying to figure out what it was that I was going to use each blog for. Yesterday, while stuffing my face full of pasta, I figured out what it was that I was going to use each blog for. At the moment, I’m  officially working on two different projects: the first, which will be featured on this blog, is my blossoming t-shirt line Artemis, the brand. The other, which is going to be my first (of many, hopefully) comic book project is hosted over at

Now that we’ve gotten the PSAs and pleasantries out of the way, let’s get in to the real meat of the matter. What is the story behind Artemis, the brand? If you’re actually one of the people who has managed to follow this blog for some time, you would remember me mentioning something called Vibrancy or Nothing, which is the name of a brand that I had all intentions of bringing out this year. But you know what they say…the best laid plans of mice and men! While I was busy getting all geeked and academic about that, my creative juices started to flow in a completely unplanned (and exquisitely organic) direction.

In my mind, I had visualised something like this: concepts

“Molehills” and “Rise”, original concepts by Jessica Reynolds. All rights reserved.

But ended up creating something like this:

"Arrow", original artwork of Jessica Reynolds. All rights reserved.
“Arrow”, original artwork of Jessica Reynolds. All rights reserved.

While I still have intentions of working with the word sound “Vibrancy or Nothing”, I couldn’t stop myself from creating these really simple, fun but loaded images. So why Artemis? Why, I’m glad you asked!

For those of us familiar with Greek mythology, Artemis (or Diana, if you’re into Roman mythology) is the goddess of the hunt. That is something that has intrigued me all my life; a woman, as the god of the hunt, which is an activity typically associated with men. So, when it came time for me create a business name/artistic alter-ego, she was the obvious choice. She kind of symbolised success in the unexpected field, mastery of whatever you put your mind to. She, to me, symbolised prowess, the untamed and also the intelligent, skilled and powerful.

After some thought & brainstorming with my mentor of sorts, it became obvious that Artemis was the perfect name for the shirts as well. While the thought processes behind each design is different, the overall philosophy, and most importantly, the look, stayed the same. Uncomplicated, vibrant, but with a touch of the primal/tribal. It was like Greek Mythology meets Caribbean colour sensibilities and past tribal identities. It was perfect.

Make no mistake, VoN is still something that I want to develop. I just know now that I have to let it come to me, rather than try to drag it out.

In an attempt not to drown you in text, I’ve decided to split this into multiple posts. I only intend to write two, but I say multiple to leave room for more if the need arises. Stay tuned for the next post!

Peace and Love, Family


P.S. Shout out to all of you amazing readers the world over! You really do make my day 🙂


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