Little about me

It occurred to me the other day that I haven’t really been utilising this blog the way I intended to in the beginning. I had all these grandiose ideas about sharing my art, my artistic process and myself…yeah.

I’ve shared a little bit about my art from time to time, but never anything about myself. So who am I?


My name is Jessica. I’m 22, and Barbadian. I’m silly, growing, loving and sharing. Kinda wish I could give you a little bit more about me than that, but I’m still figuring myself out for the most part.

At the core of myself, all I know is that I want to help inspire and uplift other people. I’ve spent the majority of my life beating up on myself, courting depression & suicidal thoughts and just really slumming it in the favela that they call low self-esteem. It has been (and still is) a struggle to keep my head and keep moving forward, but somewhere in all that crap and gunk, I’ve found something to share.

I guess you can say that my personal experiences in life are the inspiration behind my brand. To me, it’s a venture to make money, yeah I kinda have to be upfront about that, but it’s also a reminder from one beat up, hurting, healing * growing human being to another.

We got more fight in us than we think we do some times. We’re made for more than the limitations that we put on ourselves.

We are all awesome. I just wanted you to know that, just in case no one reminded you recently.





Peace and Love, family


6 thoughts on “Little about me

    1. Ase’ and thank you! Sharing is where the healing really starts, and if I want to heal & help others do the same, I realised that I had to start sharing. Looking forward to more sharing, from my end and yours ❤

  1. Can i just say as one beat up, hurting, healing, growing human being to another…….i LOVE people who keep it real…..and i LOVE Jessica Lindsey Reynolds./
    Just sayin……

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