Without The Rope

Can’t wait til I can upload some artwork on here! I definitely do need to make time to update this blog though…the inconsistency is a little unbearable. But pleasantries and self-deprecation aside, I had something on my mind that I thought might be fitting to share with the internet.

The Dark Knight Rises. If you haven’t seen the movie, and get precious about spoilers, watch the film then read this post. I repeat, if you get precious about SPOILERS, watch the movie and then read the post, guilt-free.

Recently, I’ve been dealing a lot with self-doubts. There are a few potentially huge things currently drifting into my life and naturally, I’m wondering about my capacity to realise them. For the most part, I’ve been positive though I’ve had some seriously low days as well. Cue today.

Today, while in my bathroom, a thought crossed my mind. “The child made the jump. Without the rope.”

This of course, being a reference to Christopher Nolan’s ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. SPOILER (lol) Bruce is stuck in some hole of a prison (a literal hole of a prison) and the only way to escape is by climbing out the top. If I remember correctly, it starts with a path, which is rudely interrupted by a giant gap which you have to jump. Only one person has made it out. Ever. Obviously, as the protagonist Bruce needs to escape, but he tried to do so (twice, I believe) and fell to his almost demise. Ouch.

On the last occasion however, he was told how the other person (a child) made it out. They made the jump. Without the rope. It’s at this time that I learnt a life lesson 🙂

Logic dictates in situations like this, that we NEED a safety-net. It was his LIFE he was gambling with. Likewise, we have important things we can’t afford to mess up: our livelihoods/jobs/family/heart/etc. You don’t just put those things on the line, without a safety-net. There HAS to be a back-up plan, right?

I once heard a pastor say something to the effect of “I only have a plan A.” Why? Because to have a plan B means that it’s ok for him to not succeed at his plan A. It’s ok for him to not direct ALL of his energies towards that one goal. To have a plan B means that he doesn’t have to face the possibility of absolute failure while trying to achieve his true goal.

The child made the jump without the rope, not because they were foolish. They made the jump without the rope because they were passionate enough to believe that they would make it out alive. Maybe knowing that there was no safety net gave them the necessary edge to push themselves to the limit. At the very least, that is what I took from it. They raised the stakes to the point where failure, for them, became a non-option. They had no choice but to do every conceivable thing to succeed. And they did.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Peace and Love, Family



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