Life and New Promo

Busy, busy, busy. Confused. Tired. <—-This has been me for the last week or so.

I hope you wonderful people have been well. I have been on a roll in terms of appreciating life. Trying to keep my head above water, trying to stop negative thoughts from smothering me and most of all, trying to figure out what is the best way to proceed with my ideas and my dreams, as well as help those around me and just generally make a positive impact.

Life is wonderful. Your life is wonderful. YOU (yes, you) are wonderful…and so are you dreams and desires. I like to think that, even if we aren’t aware of it, our actions, thoughts and words impact the lives of others. That’s part of the reason why I feel the need to share. I never know who I will help (or who will help me!). It’s also part of the reason I’m trying to follow up with these little designs. Yes, I find it fulfilling to do something I love and earn from it, but it’s also my way of putting a constant reminder out there for everyone to see: yes, you are awesome.

So, whatever it is that you want to do, pursue it. It won’t be easy (and it will definitely be scary), but do it any way. Who wants to be an old person with a life full of regrets? Certainly not me. And I hope certainly not you, either.

That being said, there’s a new artist promotion over at Society6! Follow the link, get $5 OFF each product purchased in-store.

Please note that this promotion is NOT automatically available in Store, the promotion is only available once someone clicks on the link.

Promotion expires November 11, 2012 at Midnight Pacific Time 🙂

Peace and love, family.

I hope to be adding to the prints soon, so until then, enjoy the ones that are there!


2 thoughts on “Life and New Promo

  1. Life is wonderful indeed 🙂 thank you for your pleasant words of encouragement. They were like a breathe of fresh air 🙂 A life without regret is EXACTLY what I had in mind too! 😉

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