Going Organic

Two posts in one week? Madness! It’s more words though, so I guess that evens out the excitement. Just (another) random thought on my mind that I wanted to share really.

I’m going organic. No, I don’t mean organic as in free range eggs. And I certainly don’t mean organic as in no deodorant, death to mainstream hygenic practices either. I’m going organic with my mindset.

It occurred to me recently that I try to force a lot of things together, and nowhere is this more prominent than in my artwork and these concepts that I’m trying to create. It’s a pretty easy trap to fall into. In my case, there is SO MUCH that I want to say and share and express and incorporate and research and by the time I sit down to actually do any of these things, my head is all clogged up with all this secondary and tertiary stuff. All these things I want to do or read, and all the things I have to include. It just makes what should be an effortless process into something long and overly elaborate. But I guess that’s what happens when you try to shoe-horn in things that aren’t necessarily natural to you.

So, in light of this, I’m gonna just go with the flow as best I can. All the things I want to say/share/etc will be done in due course, and even then, what I want to say may change as my understanding does. No point in forcing my work (and this could apply to anything) to be anything other than a reflection of my ideas and intentions at the time. There is so much posing and faking in this life already, why add something I care about to that list?

And I suspect a lot of people are having this same problem (I know I’m special, but not that special!). We just want everything to be perfect, to rush the process and have a fantastic end result. Admirable, but is it really true to ourselves and who we are or what we’re trying to achieve? In the long term, perhaps. But right now, in this current moment, you haven’t reached that point nor undergone that process. And I’m saying this to myself as well as to the random anonymous people of the internet. There is no point in frustrating yourself trying to speak about deep things you don’t quite grasp yet. Or talking in depth about things when you’re just scratching the surface.

So, I’m going with the organic process because it’s the truest to me I can be right now. And we could use a little bit more truth I think…it’s a step towards a little bit more joy 🙂

Peace and Love, Family.



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