Design & Me: Reinvent The Public

Ok, so it’s been a while since I last took a look at a t-shirt line and envied their stylistic prowess/approach/etc. Purely by chance I stumbled onto a site called (or Re/Public [how clever is that?!] for short). I’m not sure how to pull images off their site at the moment so I’ll just talk a bit and then post a link at the end of the post.

The first thing that I noticed and really liked was the fact that they’re on the same empowerment, free your mind wave-length although I think theirs is more geared towards mental elevation but I could be wrong. The second thing that I noticed was that they took a more typographical and literal approach. Obviously if you want people to know about/identify with spread your message you would want to get that message as easily and precisely as you can. I just want to have a bit more imagery personally. I want to create powerful images that help get the message across otherwise I just know I’ll end up designing intimidating walls of text. There’s also the point to be made that typography is uncharted territory for me.

Perhaps I should try to incorporate words into my designs…a new thing for me to try out when I next go to my sketchbook. Steep learning curve, here I come!

What else can I say about Reinvent the Public? I personally like it. It’s simple, bold and eye-catching. It also gets its message across very clearly and effectively. I do like the typography element as well, so that’s always something to think about when I come to design.

At the moment my basic design philosophy is this: colours, patterns and now words. Not exactly brilliant is it? You know what that means? MORE RESEARCH!

Oh! And before I forget:

Peace and Love, family



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