Working Nine to Five

I started a new job this week. A 9 to 5 with a start up animation company. It seems that those three years spent slaving in Wales have finally paid off! I must say, it’s quite a mixed bag. On the one hand I’m VERY excited to be an active part of the development of the art/technology scene here, as well as meeting new people, learning new software and the possibility of steady income. On the other hand my time to work on my personal projects has been significantly reduced. Rather than being terrified by that however, I just see it as a chance to hone my organisational skills.

So far I’ve done none of the things I set out to do…something keeps coming up! I’m trying not to get frustrated; it’s part of the initial stages of finding out what works and what doesn’t. I’m very much a rhythmic worker so once I find a pattern that works for me I’ll just keep building momentum and it will be awesome. This is just the beginning pages of a new chapter in my life so I’m quite excited to see how it all turns out!

Already I’m so amped from what I’ve been learning. While I’ve never been much of technical person/fan of learning new software, I have to say that I am loving Toon Boom. for a moment I thought I had lost my desire to animate but learning this new software and feeling my way around it has brought me right back to that weird sense of excitement I used to get when sitting hunched over a desk while fiddling with keyframes in After Effects. From what I’ve learnt so far, the programme seems to be pretty easy to get used to once you get past the introductory stage.

I’m so impressed with it that I’m even thinking of restarting my proposal project just so it can be done using this software. Although I’ve made some headway into the project, since I’ve been introduced to the Toon Boom software I am now convinced that this is an easier way to work that will yield better results in the long run. Perhaps I should have investigated a bit further but it is what it is. Either way, when I give in this project I want it to be the highest conceivable standard that I can produce so that when I give it in, I can feel satisfied that I have given my best. High quality work = likelihood of more work. Besides, no one wants to be a one hit wonder.

Also, working in a structured environment has my mind churning in new ways. I realised that I don’t value working for myself the same way I value working in an office environment which is pretty stupid for someone who eventually wants to work for themself. The interesting thing about having this new structure in place is that the gravity of it has cast its shadow on other areas of my life. My freelance work I now take more seriously. I schedule time to work on different things and I’ve started organising myself (granted it hasn’t been going too well so far but it’s a start). Suddenly I feel a bit more business minded and work oriented. This hasn’t fully translated into my working behaviour but I’m glad the mindset has changed. Once the cognitive shift has started, the rest will follow to suit.

I didn’t really have any particular topic in mind when I started this post so I apologise if it’s a bit hard to follow. Work has started to push me into a new direction and only the first week has finished. Who knows what kind of growth and development I’ll be seeing by the end of next week…or even next month? I feel incredibly blessed and excited!

Peace and Love family



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