I’m taking a mini hiatus. Well, from my FB page (Artemis Art over on http://www.facebook.com/ArtemisDoodleGod :D). I keep being dogged by these feelings that the path that I’m currently on does not lead to my ultimate goal. To that end I’m taking a day or 3 to think about where I am going/where I want to go. What is my bottom line and how do I intend to realise it? I want to create, organically, rather than force things out so I have to tap into who I am. As I probably stated before I am a lover of positivity and consciousness, illustration and to some extent fashion and jewellry. These are things I love and am passionate about so why not use them to creature an awesome future?

My first thoughts jumped to VoN. In terms of the brand aesthetic, I may lean more towards the illustrative style rather than the graphic one even though I am a big fan of graphic tees. It’s something a little different to what most local brands are doing, possibly a little risky but the easiest way to differentiate between my future brand and what is available on the market. It also plays to my strength as I’m more inclined towards illustration than graphic design. My mind is a lot more whimsical and I just love flowing lines and shapes whereas to me, graphic design is more sharp and edgy. Not saying that’s a bad thing…it just doesn’t reflect me. I enjoy creating fun little doodles and inspiring images on the computer but my joy is made complete when I find a pencil in my hand. That is what makes me content.

I’m a lover of loose lines and watercolours, so I think that is something I HAVE to incorporate. It speaks of fluidity; fluidity of movement, ideas and design. Our minds are constantly evolving and even the very cells of our bodies are subject to constant change. This is a brand that I’m hoping will instigate some kind of growth, or at the very least is free to be interpreted subjectively. I’ve never been too good at saying it is this and nothing else. And I’ve never been comfortable with situations that don’t allow a little wiggle room.

But what about all my other little side projects? I like drawing stupid doodles. I like drawing little men with simple little messages. I like Society6 (I think it’s very pretty). I think in the future I might want to do books (don’t ask me what kind…yet). Where the heck does all this fit in?! I suppose that’s more what I want to know. Those are more sideline projects that I’ll have to downsize and schedule appropriately. Perhaps I’ll spend tomorrow trying to figure that one out.

Lots of notes to make. Lots of sketches to be done. So much thinking. I have work to do but I think I need to take this time now to sort out once and for all (perhaps not for all but at least indefinitely) what it is that I’m doing while I still have control over my time and more importantly, time to think to myself. And as usual, I will offload my thoughts and craziness here 🙂

Peace and love family,


P.S. You know how it goes already. Thanks for stopping by and taking time out to read 🙂


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