What Fitness Taught Me

Another personal thoughts post! Don’t worry…tonight, I’ll be back with a VoN related post (and pictures!) but I had a thought or 12 I wanted to share. It’s really interesting how the different areas of our lives overlap and the lessons that we learn from one aspect can be carried over into all other, seemingly unrelated aspects. I definitely found that to be true when I started on my fitness journey about 7 months ago. Among a lot of other little things I learnt:

1. You can choose to be a victim…or you can choose to help yourself

Seems pretty self-explanatory but there are so many people not living this reality. It’s a pet peeve of mine, probably because I still do this from time to time. A lot of us are content to just sit around and complain about things instead of trying to fix our problems…then play the victim card when it holds us back. “I have XYZ so I can’t possibly do ABC.” I understand there are genuinely times when there isn’t much you can do, but doing the little you can do is a lot better than sitting around feeling sorry for yourself. Some things are an easy fix (like losing weight in most cases)…you just have to decide that you are tired of being down on yourself/feeling held back because of certain things and just step up to the plate and make a change.

2. You really do get back what you put in

I was chubby and I didn’t like it…so I made the changes. And some days it was easier to go to the gym than others. On the days I didn’t want to go, I made myself go. Why? Because after I made the whole song & dance of getting in the gym, I wanted to see results. And to see results, I had to put in the work…even when I didn’t want to. Everybody’s heard the old adage that consistency is key and that’s pretty true. If you have an idea/goal/dream, the amount of work you put in tends to dictate how close you come to it. The closer you stick to the plan & the more you work, the more likely you are to reach your desired achievement.

3. You have to know what YOU want for yourself

After a while, I started seeing results. Success! However, the more I accomplished the more I realised how much more I would like to do. With new goals constantly coming up, I kept on doing what I was doing. Right now I’m on a template (created by the brilliant mind behined http://www.getnarked.net) to help me achieve what it is I have in mind. Unfortunately, it would appear that some of the people in my life don’t share my vision or understand what it is that I’m striving for. And that’s ok because I know what it is that want for myself. Others will not always see eye to eye with you want to do; they might not understand why you feel the need to progress in a certain direction. Perhaps they think you are harming yourself in some way or are just generally uncomfortable with what you’re doing. In that case, you would have to discern what is worth listening to and what should be ignored. When there are genuine concerns attached, you owe it to yourself to take a step back and assess how best to tackle the situation. However, if it’s a case of “I don’t think you should do this because I prefer you to do that”, feel free to ignore lol.

It seems that some people support you only as far as their comfort zone allows but you can’t allow other people’s expectations of you to keep you from progressing. You need to know within yourself what you want and be content with being your own cheerleader as there may come a time where people give up on you or question your desire to go further. You can’t let other’s opinions derail you. They say it’s lonely at the top. There’s a reason for that.

4. Sometimes all you need to do is get started

And something fantastic might happen…I only joined the gym to lose 10lbs so I could fit into my clothes. 7 months later, I’ve lost 44lbs, I’m in the best physical condition I have ever been in and my confidence is through the roof. Taking control of my weight gain, turning that situation around and seeing the results of my hard work has done wonders for me mentally. Despite being daunted at times (I am only human, despite my attempts at denial) I still feel like I can do this. I certainly wasn’t looking for all of that…all I wanted was to regain my status quo. Instead, I got a lot of things I might have been lacking in my life. So, by all means be afraid. But use that adrenaline rush and just canon ball right in. There is a world full of unexpected blessings waiting to fall on you. And even in the instance of bad things happening, think of it as lessons you learnt. We might fail at a lot of things in life, but I’m learning that living in perpetual fear of failure is far worse.


Was that preachy? I really hope not. There’s so much that I don’t know and am still learning…I just feel to share my experiences in the hopes that someone out there can get some encouragement from it.

Anyway, bottom line of today’s post: get started on whatever it is you want to do. Do not be persuaded to tone down your dreams for anyone else’s comfort. Give it all you have.


Peace and love,


P.S. Shout out to whoever is reading this right now. Thank you muchly 🙂


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