Random Inspiration

Yes, I know I’ve been boring you all with the thoughts that cross my mind. Unfortunately, I’ve come back to give you another piece of my mind. I wanted to start doing some visual research into t-shirt lines that I find interesting or inspiring. While I haven’t taken an extremely close, critical look at those lines yet, I have stumbled across a few images that got the wheels of my brain churning so I thought I would share!

On my late night Facebook travels, I stumbled across this image in my newsfeed: Image

(Source: https://www.facebook.com/pages/I-LOVE-My-Natural-Hair/176876919035130)

Truth be told, when I first looked at the image I thought the two faces were a breastplate on armour (I think I might need glasses). I really like the way it caught my eye and started toying with the idea of a suit of armour and the idea of being protected. To my mind, spreading positivity is about actively attacking areas of ethical/moral/spiritual/mental/physical rot and degradation. But! if one hopes to be good at actively attacking these things, one has to be good at defending oneself. As they say, the best offence is a good defence.

To that end I think I’ll start toying with the idea of a warrior theme (you know…warrior of the light/for Christ/ enlightenment etc). There’s something really nice about using enlightenment as a weapon. And the warrior concept I sorta like because it’s very proactive language…we’re taking an active stance against *insert thought process/behavioural pattern here*. So I’m going to try and think/talk in terms of weaponry and armour: using the weapons of prayer, meditation, wisdom/knowledge and Love. Love being the ultimate weapon as it is the best (and probably only) way to fight hatred, bigotry and ignorance…it covers all wrongs, so what’s not to love about Love?

The other image I was interested in was one I found on Pinterest: Image

(Source: http://mytiger-myheart.tumblr.com/)

I just love typographic tees. And this? It’s shaped like an anchor…what isn’t to love? The texture, the font, the text arrangement…the message. Simply beautiful. It’s a piece that achieves high visual impact through simplicity, which is something I both admire and strive for. Perhaps I can combine the two and make some sort of text based breastplate design…*strokes beard*.

Well that’s it for my concept collection thus far :). Pinterest is proving to be quite useful as a visual research tool (and a way to hoard pretty things), so if you’re into art (or you like hoarding pretty things) you should definitely check it out!

Peace and love,



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