In the Interim

I’m trying to get into the habit of updating my blog regularly as I have a horrible track record with blogs. I originally wanted to start looking at clothing lines that inspire me but I haven’t been as diligent in my research as I should be. That being said, I’ll just talk about something else. A lot of my focus has been on what I plan to do in the future, but I don’t think I’ve really mentioned what I am doing right now.

I stated in a previous blog that I wanted to dig deep with this line (hence the desire to do research etc) but at the same time I didn’t want to wait until I tied up all my loose ends to make a contribution. The urge to do something, anything creative and just start creating my own space was starting to really get to me. In retrospection I suppose I was a bit hasty in all this as I’m still trying to forge a path and define exactly what it is that I’m trying to achieve artistically. I’m also trying to define my style & subject matter but there’s a time for thought and a time for action. Not saying that thoughtless action is the answer, but I think I’ll learn more about my style as I produce more work…and I have a place to do that! I think I’m rambling a bit here…

What am I doing in the interim? Growing…learning about myself, both as a person and an artist. I haven’t reached the point where I can say definitively “This is my work. This is how I work. This is what I’m about. Fullstop. Period.” and honestly, I’m ok with that. Periods of growth and reflection are necessary…that’s when interesting things happen. Your mind and perspective changes. You get new material to inform your work. Growth, change, the disarray of the interim inform who we are which in turn inform our work, regardless of what it is we do.

Besides, I tried to be ready and work before my season of readiness and that just fell through. I didn’t know what I needed to know and I hadn’t done my homework. I hadn’t experienced what it was that would help me succeed when the time came around. I was not who I need to be to make things happen. But I accept that now and I’m looking forward to receiving knowledge to build the foundation on which my dreams (whatever they might be in their entirety) will firmly rest. That’s what I’m doing in the interim: learning, growing, preparing and getting hella excited for what is in store. So, if you’re also in an interim period, stop and enjoy the scenery. This is the calm before the (very fun!) storm that is business and busy-ness.

Anyway, I’m through rambling. If you’re curious about the work I’m currently producing, check out the Affiliated Sites tab at the top of this blog. Feel free to share your thoughts…I would love to hear them 🙂

Peace and love, family


P.S. Hello to my newest reader(s) in Mexico, as well as my return readers. I feel might privileged to have gotten your attention!


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