Scribbly Notes 2

VoN (Working Title)


1. Research

Begin researching around the points listed during brainstorming of what the brand should be.


2. Inspiration Board

Compile various things that I find visually inspiring and begin to create my own ‘design philosophy’. Important questions worth considering:

-What patterns/colours do I like most?

-Whose tee design/fashion aesthetic do I admire most?

-What do I want people to see/feel/think when they experience these tees?


3. Design

Design 3-5 concepts that would be featured/displayed/put on sale. Outside input may be necessary.


4. Production

Source tees as well as the cheapest & best printer.


5. Realisation

Resolve issues such as distribution.


Additional Considerations: As the brand grows, I may consider adding on a fashion line of sorts i.e. dresses etc which incorporate ‘tribal’ prints etc, alongside Western design aesthetics. It’s basically accepting our history and marrying it with who we are/what we have currently.


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