Scribbly Notes 1

Over the course of the last few months or so I’ve been jotting down bits and pieces of thoughts related to VoN. The Scribbly Notes series of blog posts is an attempt to find and document all these different notes in one sensible place (with additional notes to make the transition from my brain to universally accessible language). Welcome to the dark wrinkly corners of my mind:

VoN: a brand built on biblical concepts of who we are mixed with vibrant patterns and ethnic influences & heritage references. Understanding our vibrant past & incorporating it into who we are to ensure a vibrant tomorrow.

-Not outright bible based (as it should be for all people)

**Biblical influence in the brand’s ideology but not necessarily a heavy part of the design philosophy itself. Using it as a research guideline; the actual wear itself will still allow for freedom of interpretation. This is a brand being created by a Christian, not an exclusively Christian brand.

– Christian concepts wrapped in our history

**Our here being a reference to the global community. In my eyes, we are all connected/related and stand to learn a lot from each other.

-A % of every tee goes toward charity. The charity changes every year.

**Or perhaps dedicate certain lines to certain charities. Still a little undecided as to how this would work.

-Patterns carefully researched to have positive meaning: Adinkra, henna patterns. Start creating a colour board.

-Higher influences: third eye, use of colours of the higher chakras

**I’ve always had an interest in Eastern spirituality, especially the chakra (chakral?) system. I think it’s a very interesting way to look at the body-spirit relationship (lower chakras are linked with base instincts and desires, higher chakras tend to deal with enlightenment if memory serves me correct). Just an example of how I intend to take inspiration from multiple sources.

Things I need to research: 

-Who or what does the bible say we are?

-How did ancient civilizations view the individual? How did they view the community?

-Global influences to reinforce that we are all a part of a greater whole & that we are a part of each other.

-Going back to the begining: African world view? Asian world view? A more ‘tribal’, instinctive understanding of who we are as a race (human race).

Amerindian/Native American perspective:

Perhaps to go global?

Themes: Community, Getting in touch with your higher self, Knowing your true worth, Who are we really?


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