What is Vibrancy or Nothing?

Yesterday I began to introduce Vibrancy or Nothing (VoN for short from here on out), but now I really want to get into what it means. I am totally using this blog as my notebook/research hub/thought storage as it’s easier to have everything on blog than in 4+ notebooks. Plus, I could potentially hear what people have to say/connect with some interesting folk 🙂

So, what is all this noise about? Jessica, what is Vibrancy or Nothing?

At it’s very core, VoN is an attempt to help put positivity and goodness (and nothing else) in the world. It’s a variation of the saying “If you have nothing good to say, then say nothing at all.” To live good, sincerely and lovingly is to live vibrantly. And as I mentioned in my previous post, my wardrobe is an extension of my lifestyle so it seemed natural to merge the two. Now I know I’ve posted a few designs on here in the past:

but I’m revisiting the drawing board and digging a little deeper for inspiration. You know, outside of catchy slogans and what I think would look cool.

Now, I see VoN as a brand that is part visual experience, part celebration of who we are from a cultural/spiritual/historical standpoint. It would be built on spiritual precepts of who we are, mixed with different ethnic influences and heritage references. Essentially understanding and taking from our collective beautiful past and incorporating it into who are today and building a brighter tomorrow. I made a butt-tonne of notes about this so I’ll type them all up later.

But it’s all well and fine to talk about putting positivity into the world but truthfully, it’s just talk. So in addition to putting positive thought onto shirts I hope to put positive funds into charity through this well. Yes, that’s right. I intend to put a % (I’m thinking 10%, I like round numbers lol) of all my profit towards charity. Because I’m a bleeding heart and part of me lives to enrich the lives of others any way I can. And that is the briefest overview I can give without boring everyone to death.

The brand should start taking shape within this space so hopefully everyone will get a better understanding of it as it grows and gains momentum. I really hope that whoever reads this takes time to leave a comment or their thoughts. I love bouncing ideas off people but I also feel like this idea will be more powerful if it is shaped by the voices/thoughts/concerns of many. I’m trying to create something bigger than me and my thoughts…something we can collectively create through shared experience and is more powerful because we all see part of ourselves in it.

Our voices are more beautiful/touching/majestic/moving than my voice alone. So talk to me. Help me create a legacy of self-love and good will 🙂

Peace and love, family.



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