Ideas. Thoughts. Pinterest!

Not entirely sure what to type so I’m just going to get straight into it.

I’m currently in a planning/sowing phase mentally. Most the time I spend trying to figure out:

a) what exactly it is I’m doing currently

b) what exactly I would like to do in the future and

c) how best to bridge the gap between whatever it is that falls into points a and b.

Anyone who knows me personally can tell you that organising things is not among my strengths (up there with flying kites and cooking). But rather than lament my lack of organisational skills, I keep having a go at it in the hopes that eventually, I will be competent at managing myself. Not that that is really relevant to anything 😛

When I started this soul searching/brain picking adventure I asked myself a few simple questions. What is it that I like to do? I like to draw and make people laugh, hence the doodles and Jessica Draws (now Artemis Art [] !!) was born. Simple enough. But after a while I kind of noticed, as much as I like to make people laugh, it’s only part of what I like to do. Also, who knew what the revenue potential of that was? I kinda need money to eat after all…

So I asked myself another question. What else do I like to do? I like to make people think and feel good. I enjoy uplifting people and spreading positivity by any means available to me. So I started making these prints (which originated on Artemis Art). Cute, simple with a dash of fun. And after I thought about getting one of them on a shirt, I wondered if other people would like to have them on shirts too. And now I have a Society6 page ( But that still doesn’t satisfy me, mentally or spiritually. It starts to hit at something deeper and I know what it is.

Vibrancy or Nothing. And what is that you might ask?

Conscious, positive, exciting and wearable vibes :). I’m a fan of graphic tees, almost to the point of considering it an extension of my lifestyle. What we wear says so much about us, and I would love nothing more than to create a line/brand that has so much to say. Also, it seems as if (in Barbados), all the conscious minded brands come from Jamaica (876 represent!) so I just wanted to add my little two cents to the fashion scene. I just want to create something/anything that helps to promote self-love, self-acceptance, a sense of community and urges some kind of mental progression in a time of what appears to be unprecedented stagnation and superficiality.

But…no idea can be birthed before its time…and no art-form worth its salt can be created in a vaccuum. You know what that means? Research. Lots of it. I have lots of bits of ideas but no cohesive ideology/design philosophy that holds them together.

So to get me started off, I have turned to the almighty internet, namely Pinterest to help me out. I might also get StumbleUpon and Tumblr in on the act (I predict multiple hours of aimless internet browsing in my immediate future). This should be interesting, considering I already have the animation project and other commissioned projects to work on. I already dropped the ball on a few occasions (curse you imperfect humanity!), but I suspect adding more to my mental plate will either be the death of me, or bring out my inner organisation goddess. Time will tell.

More to come in the near future, but if you’re curious as to what I’m up to or what excites me check out my Pinterest ( Between that and this blog, I hope to give you guys a look into the mind of a slightly deranged artist working to build a brand from concept to fruition.

That’s all for now. Peace and love, family.



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