As usual I haven’t been posting on here like I should. Between trying to find content to draw for my daily doodles, or working on some freelance projects, my disorganised brain has been struggling to keep it together! On top of that I’ve also been awarded (is that the right word?) a project that I was making a proposal for, and I could potentially be getting a job in the near future. God has been quite kind to me 🙂

With all these different things floating around on my mind however, I’ve been kind of thinking about me and what I want to achieve with my art/illustration/drawing/animation. Technically, my art page is my work but I feel like it doesn’t quite express who I am fully. I like doodling and making people laugh, yes, but that’s just the surface. I like serious stuff too! My brain is just too much of a mess to try and take anything else on board right now, but when I get myself organised (or lighten my load, whichever happens first), I’ll think about the kind of work that I really want to produce. Making plans are not my strong point but this is the year I am strengthened/intend to strengthen myself.


Just putting it out there…cuz…these are the things you need to know! Anyway, enough text! 

A little something from one of the projects that I’m working on. First draft floral prints from some tee designs I’m working on.  Can’t say I didn’t art you now 😉


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