Artemis in Progress


Working on my branding at the moment. Logo design can be a little awkward when you don’t have a background in Graphic Design! I gave it a shot anyway…wasn’t too pleased with the outcome though.



(above: why animators and graphic designers are not necessarily the same thing)


I’m working off the Artemis mythology because I’m a huge lover of mythology and of all the characters I identify with her most. Goddess of the hunt and the wilderness…she’s a free spirit, a wanderer and someone largely unattached to the craziness going around her. She’s also associated with the moon and I like to work at night, which has to count for something right? Think I’m trying just a bit too hard now.

Anyway, as my whole “logo”  thing isn’t panning out for right now I think I’ll stick to what I know: doodling characters. Just a little something (or someone) to associate myself with. Like I said yesterday, I’m kinda grasping at straws a little but I’ll give it a shot anyway.

Plus, I need the practice. Simple as.


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