Branding Attempt #1

Hello all!

So I recently made a FB page for myself (!/pages/Jessica-Draws/210918072326252 for those who need their memories jogged!). Unfortunately, I’ve also discovered that some other person, named Jessica, also draws. While I’m not really upset by this sudden turn of events, it has presented me with a challenge.

Someone suggested I change the name to something more “me”. Presenting a public face with an identity more “me” than my own name should be interesting to say the least but it has got me thinking about branding. While I don’t present a cohesive package as yet, it’s probably best for me to start thinking along those lines. Hence, branding! Over the rest of the week I’ll be trying to get all my internet “branches” into one nice neat(ish) little package. The rest I can figure out at my leisure. Or my haste.

I don’t usually subscribe to the “fake it til you make it”  mentality but I’ll give it a try this one time. At the moment I’m just doing odd bits and bobs for people to earn some cash until I a) get a full time job or b) figure out exactly what my next step in life should be and start working towards that. Sounds scary but I’m sure I’ll figure it out. So until I figure exactly what service(s) I would like to provide on a professional level, I’ll be trying to build up my image (and street cred!). Who knows…out of the chaos may come some form of divine clarity.

I’m also hoping to get a little something set up on and as well! Still labouring away at my Cafepress…I’ll try to get that sorted  this week if I can.

Branding exercise is go. Expect changes 😉


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