(Text) New Project and Brainstorming

Back from the dead again! This time with a little announcement 😀

I think I’ve decided on a new project! Hooray!

I’ve decided to work on my bird cage head lady (Working Title: Caged Bird). I chose his project because my film (In Memory) has taken up an academic year’s worth of my life already and I want to do something fresh so I can have that honeymoon period with my work again. Anything to make me feel inspired X(

I haven’t gotten that far with it yet. Still in the thinking it through stages, so I’m trying to figure out what’s a good angle to work it from. I haven’t decided on whether it will be a film or not (it might be in the future if it isn’t now) but whatever I decide to do will be a challenge as I have no art supplies at home (yet), scanner or software to work with. Hopefully I’ll get off my butt and get some art supplies next week so that I can start doing something other than making notes and napping.

I’ll get on some silly drawings today to keep the blog updated with art though the quality might be dodgy due to the fact that it’s a drawing rather than a scan.

Also, in an effort to keep my creative juices flowing, I might start drawing up some designs for bags and shirts and things. Nothing original down this neck of the woods but something I might find interesting anyway. I might even learn to sew 😉


Well that’s all I have to say for now really. Now that I’ve given myself something concrete to do, I should be spending my time a teeny bit more wisely. I actually have to go think now :’D


Til nex time.


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