(Text) Update

Well I’ve finally made it home. Fantastic news. It feels great to be back but I also forgot that here I have no scanners so any drawings that I upload will be dodgy quality (unless I do other things in which case I’m totally fine).

Now that I’m back I’ll try to at least post something on this blog so that it’s still updated regularly instead of falling into a hiatus at the drop of a hat. Hopefully I can keep to my word with that one, otherwise there is no point in starting up this blog. It will have to be just text updates for the moment as I have someone staying at my house and there hasn’t been much time where I’m ever by myself, let alone in a creative mood. I should probably find other ways of working that would mean that I don’t get disrupted every time there’s someone with me. I’ll probably have a think on that.

I also haven’t been able to give much thought to which project I want to pursue next…I’m leaning more towards making my film into a book but it’s just trying to find what might be a good market. I don’t think young children are particularly keen on hearing that their grandparents are going to die, but I could always be wrong. I’ll give that some more thought when my ‘schedule’ is freer.

I think that is all I have to say for now really. I apologise for the outrageous irregularity of my posts and for the conspicuous lack of artwork on this blog. I’ll try and rectify this as soon as possible.


Speak soon.


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