New Project Soon

Back to our regular line drawings. I got bored and drew the infamous naturalist Lady Godiva. I have to amuse myself somehow right?

As much as I love uploading my random doodles to keep this blog updated, I get the unnerving feeling that what I’m doing is lacking a sense of direction. Having just finished university, a lack of direction is the last thing that I need. To that end I plan on starting a new project very soon (possibly once I move out of halls) so that I have something to put my effort behind. I get the impression that it will probably be a book (which may [read: will] lead to some snazzy animation). Just something to get my illustration senses working. When I decide what I’m doing, I’ll make an unnecessarily massive announcement. It will be glorious.

Until then, enjoy my line drawing of Lady Godiva. I can’t wait until I have access to Photoshop on my PC. I will jump for joy.

In short, there will be a massive celebration. Bring cake.


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