Film Stills & News

I have been lagging to the utmost degree with regards to my film. While I’ve posted the earliest animatic I haven’t postd any indication of the finished product (or discussed it at all on this blog). While I plan to keep it off the internet for a while (to avoid any confusion with festival submissions) I also haven’t uploaded any of the stills. So for all you curious folk (and those of you who may have been following my film blog: here are some stills from the final product:


I’ve also had a mention in the Ffresh blog entry about the graduation show ( Consider me flattered!

Of course at this point I will feel the point to flog my graduation show! is the blog for our show! If you find yourself in the Newport, South Wales area feel free to come along! We’re in the new City Centre Campus (next to the Riverfront). The films are screening in room A10 and the exhibition is in room D03 with all the films on loop. The graduation show also has exhibits from other courses in Art, Media and Design. The Newport graduation show goes on until July 1st.

Maybe if we’re all lucky we might bump into each other 🙂


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