Feedback & Views

Yesterday I posted the link to my new animatic on my facebook looking for some John Q. Public feedback. This was just to make sure that the story was working, and see if I could get some non-lecturer feedback. Feedback so far has been good though I have been taking it with a pinch of salt as it’s from people who know me so their feedback might be biased. However, if what they’ve been saying is anything to go by, my film is working quite well which I’m very pleased with. They also set my mind at ease and said that they liked the music with it, which I’m happy about as one of  my lecturers said she found it boring (shock horror!).

I’m also quite pleased because my new animatic currently has 70 views. That’s the most views any of my videos has gotten so for that I’m quite excited. Hopefully this is the beginning of an upward trend! I’ve also joined Talenthouse (even though I don’t have anything in my portfolio yet). I’m going to try and get something in for one of the upcoming competitions, possibly to get my creativity on a roll. I’m excited but petrified.


Let’s do this!


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