I’m finding it incredibly hard to think of images that, together, say a lot about me as a creative person. I’m also hoping to make it a few images, rather than an onslaught of things for someone to look at. The main problem at work here is that I don’t seem to scan or upload much of my work to share with others, I just hoard it in sketchpads and in the tiny corners on books. Definitely something I need to change.

I don’t even know what to put into my portfolio to be honest. What do you put in a portfolio to show that you’re interested in telling stories? I can’t very well insert a short story or poem (because I’m quite out of practice with writing, and I’m sure that it’s a bizarre thing to put into an image portfolio). At the moment I’m thinking of three different segments: Concept Art, Illustration and Life Drawing. Seems a bit lacking if I’m honest…I don’t like this feeling. Perhaps I should start scanning my stuff more often.

I think I’ll do that.


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