Film Ideas

Since last year I had a brilliant idea for a film. One night, as I was stressed I had the idea for a film about a woman who had a bird cage in the back of her head. The more stressed out she became, the bigger and louder the bird became, until finally someone came and helped her get it out of her head. Tells enough of a story. Except I have an idea of the beginning and end but no middle, which makes me quite sad to be honest.

I really want to get this film idea off the ground, or at least have some idea of what to put in the middle but I think until I get a chance to sit down and really think about what I want with and from this film, I’m going to be stuck at this point. Until that moment arrives, I think that I will try and find time to throw together some concept images.


At the moment, all I have concept wise are a few drawings, mostly of the main character, and her headbird (like the one above). Since I’ve started doing my final year film, I’ve found a strange affinity for the cutout style. Something about it appeals to me (possibly a remainder of a time in my childhood when I loved using scissors) so the next batch of concept art I want to make might be in that style hopefully. I really want to take a crack at it. And who knows, maybe I will finally find a middle for my film 🙂


BirdHeadLady (working title) is copyrighted to Jessica Reynolds, 2010


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