I’m slowly getting the hang of this WordPress blog/website. I’ve started tricking out my film section so people can have an idea of what I’ve been doing over my time at uni as well as what I might be interested in doing. I have about 3 ideas for films just drifting around my head right now and I keep wanting to document them but I feel like, really? I should be doing my uni work. At some point I guess I’ll have to make a development page for all my ideas so people can keep track of what I’m up to.

Speaking of keeping track, I like the set up of WordPress. I like it because everything is sorted away nicely in little pages and I can use the home page as my own personal newsfeed. That makes me fell a little important to be honest. Bigheadedness aside, I’ll try to keep this space updated as much as possible as well so that this becomes my sort of main space for news about me and my endeavours 🙂


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