I’ve tried Tumblr, I’ve tried Blogspot and now I’m giving WordPress a go. The idea behind this is that I’m meant to make a website as part of my assessment criteria for a uni module but I’m also hoping to finally focus my ideas etc on one blog so that I have a little something to give to people when I hand out my business cards and I’m schmoozing and networking.

A little about me: I like to think of myself as slightly off the beaten path. A bit bizarre if you like. I’m also keen on being as multi-functioning an individual as possible so I like to stick my nose in all sorts of things. My interests include a whole bunch of things which I dabble in like fashion design, photography, illustration and the odd craft project. I’m currently studying animation in Wales but my real passion lies in storytelling. I don’t want to limit myself to just animation (I don’t do well with boxes); whatever medium fits the story best is the medium that I want to work in. Whatever is easiest, whatever is most appropriate, most stylish and generally most sensible for the story is what I work in (or would like to).

I have a lot of growing left to do in terms of artistic expression. I don’t have a set style and I’m willing to try a lot of things. Some could see this as a disadvantage (how do you market an easily unknown product?) but I think that just means I have to get out there more, which is surely a good thing right? Hopefully in the next few days I’ll be able to show off all the stuff that I’m capable of!

Willing to learn. Willing to grow. Ready to art.


Let’s do this.


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